Promise Earth (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a biotechnology company involved in the treatment of organic waste through composting and fermentation process with the collaboration of our business partner in Japan.

We are proud to introduce Bio-Mate®, a high-speed on-site composting and fermentation system in Malaysia. Depending on the type of waste, people can compost on-site in a cleaner environment within 24-48 hours. It is unique in its ability to compost mixed and high moisture organic waste generated from livestock, food sources, agricultural resources, marine products and sewage sludge into viable soil conditioner or fertilizer for agricultural, landscaping and nursery purposes. The end product can also be used as animal feed.

Bio-Mate® is an in-vessel, fully automated on-site composting and fermentation machine that operates using electricity. It requires very minimal maintenance and it is user friendly. By using our high-temperature aerobic enzyme (Inozyme), organic waste can be fully composted between 24-48 hours. The composting process produces negligible odours and the end results are vermin, pathogen and weed free. It can be used safely and effectively as soil conditioner/fertilizer for agricultural, landscaping, feed and nursery purposes.

Bio-Mate® has been evaluated for its technical capacity at a specific site by the Environment & Energy Technology Centre of SIRIM and found to be a potential viable organic waste treatment technology and 4 times lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emission as compared with landfill proven in SIRIM Technical Report Reference: ETC 237/16/234.

Our company’s strategy is to provide Malaysian society with a greener, better and effective solution technology to dispose their organic waste without harming or polluting Mother Earth. Our Mother Earth has been repetitively subjected to environmental danger/pollution due to unscrupulous and uncontrollable activities of mankind. With Bio-Mate®, treated organic waste can be re-applied to rebuild biological depleted soil, which will help sustain the soils fertility year after year.