The Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment & Climate Change (MESTECC) YB Puan Yeo Bee Yin described in the first RE Townhall meeting at Putrajaya that renewable energy shall be promoted as part of the nation’s energy mix from less than 2 percent to 20 percent. To achieve this, every roof available has to be covered by Solar PV, given the constraints of bio-mass, bio-gas and mini-hydro.

The total cost of ownership of a solar PV system is the greatest consideration for the above to become a reality. The solar modules prices are moving south, thanks for the trade war between the US and China. The price has come down by more than 25 percent since Jan 2018.

The other piece of major equipment in the PV system is the solar grid-tied inverters. The same maybe said, but not often published is in the prices of solar grid-tie inverters.  Many China origin companies have joined in the fray, making major headway. Household brands such as Huawei invests heavily to buy market share. announces that Sungrow has overtaken SMA as a leader in the supply of inverter.

Trannergy Solar String Inverter is ranked one of the top brand in China, as well as in Europe and Australia. The full range of the Trannergy inverters has received the MyHijau approval for use in Solar PV installations in Malaysia. Already hundreds of installations since 2013 were made during the early times of Feed-in Tariff. With the inverter maximum efficiencies of greater than 98.2 percent, it is achieving great heights as the key component of a solar PV system.  (Fig shows PV Donut for Australia market).

Being a more agile player in the field, having 10 years factory warranty, and a very competitive pricing strategy, Trannergy Inverters facilitates the driving down of the total cost of ownership.

The MyHijau Certification is very much a mark of great quality. This registration certainly facilitates applications to Mida for the Investment Tax Allowance for Green Technology Projects. And this helps in bringing down the effective payback for the Solar PV system.

AmSolar is a local partner for Trannergy Inverter. We carry stock and help to reduce turnaround time for materials delivery. Our technicians are already very well acquainted with the system to provide efficient technical support. We will achieve the 2 to 20 dream together.