The Municipal Council of Batu Pahat (MPBP) was founded in under the Local Governance Act 1976 (Act717) and is currently in operation at Jalan Pejabat, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

Starting with the Town Board which operated between 1912 to 1951, the achievements of the board met the criteria set forth by the Local Governor and Secretary of The Election Board for the town to be formally recognised by the State Government of Johor. Hence, the formation of the current MPBP was gazetted at the State Government of Johor’s Council meeting, which upgraded the status of the agency from Town Council of Batu Pahat to Municipal Council of Batu Pahat at the end of 1951.

With MPBP’s participation in the LCC 2030 Challenge, they designated Penggaram City, which is 1,136.1 ha in area, to be a pilot city in Batu Pahat.[1]

Mission of MPBP

The mission of the MPBP is to empower the city by providing the best service though proper planning, implementation, monitoring and supervision that is effective and efficient in increasing the quality of life of its residents.

LCC 2030 Challenge – 2020 Assessment[2]






Penggaram City





For LCC 2030 Challenge assessment period of 2020, MPBP was able to achieve carbon emissions savings of 4,647.22 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to a substantial reduction of 20.81% from the baseline.

MPBP’s Objectives for the LCC 2030 Challenge[3]

The following are the four objectives that MPBP have set for themselves:

  1. For Penggaram City to become a Low Carbon City by reducing its GHG emissions by 30% by 2030.
  2. Building guidelines for MPBP officers and important stakeholders in implementing measures towards a low carbon future.
  3. Planning and monitoring the development of the Low Carbon Penggaram City which promotes comfortable living, leisure, and work environments.
  4. Implementing initiatives and activities that contribute to the reduction of carbon and a better future all, whilst not causing any disruptions to residents’ livelihoods and local ecosystems.

Initiatives Towards a Low Carbon Future

MPBP’s Action Plan for a Low Carbon City by 2030

The action plan describes the guidelines by which the city will implement programmes, projects and activities that contribute to the reduction in GHG emissions at a macro level.

Within the action plan, MPBP has set forth 6 goals that are to be achieved by implementing 16 strategies and supported by 57 actions. The 6 key sectors that have been identified as integral to sustainable development are Governance, Energy Management, Water Management, Waste Management, Transportation & Mobility, and Environmental Management.

The timeline of the action plan covers a Short-Term Plan (2019-2020), Medium-Term Plan (2021-2025), and Long-Term Plan (2026-2030). This action plan is supported by 13 agencies which have pledged their commitment to implementing the action plan.[4]

Data Management System (SIMAP)[5]

MPBP relies on a new web-based data management system which simplifies and centralises the flow of information for ease of access on matters such as land usage and geospatial matters, which are integral to decision-making in city planning. SIMAP is easily accessible, even via smartphones.

In order to obtain superior data on GHG emissions in the city, SIMAP has been upgraded to include a Low Carbon Transportation Monitoring System which allows for real-time monitoring of GHG emissions, with special attention being placed on public transportation within the city limits.

Carbon Free Day[6]

This programme, which started in 2019, happens on the last weekend of each month. The city has demarcated certain areas as carbon-free zones for the weekends, which means that cars and other motorised vehicles are not allowed to enter these areas. Notable areas include Jalan Pejabat and Lake Y.

Awards & Accolades[7]

MPBP has won multiple awards at the International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM) 2019. They include:

  • GOLD AWARD, BEST OF THE BEST AWARD & STATES INNOVATION AWARD – (Low Carbon Transport Monitoring System)
  • SILVER AWARD (SmaRtbin)
  • BRONZE AWARD – LCC 2030 (Urban Transportation)
  • BEST STATES BOOTH – 1st Runner up


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