In line with Government effort in promoting energy efficient product, Daikin Applied Malaysia is committed to provide and promote “Greener” product at better efficiency. That’s where Magnetic bearing chiller counts most.

Daikin magnetic bearing water cooled chillers are designed to create the ultimate in climate-controlled environments for offices, hotel, school, hospitals and healthcare facilities for the people who work, rest, study, teach, heal and recover within their walls. Building owners and property managers realize the benefits, too, in terms of reliability, sustainability and performance. And when it comes to saving energy, magnetic bearing chiller is up to 30% more efficient than standard centrifugal chillers and offers substantially improved savings over the life of the unit.

The friction-less magnetic bearing compressor was developed to improve performance, reliability and reduce service requirements as compared with conventional centrifugal compressor designs.

The magnetic bearing compressor has a single rotating component – the compressor shaft – levitated on a magnetic field. This cushion results in the shaft not being in contact with any other part of the compressor while operating. The compressor shaft is kept perfectly aligned in all directions by sensors at each magnetic bearing providing real-time feedback to the digital bearing control system. This cutting-edge magnetic bearing technology enables outstanding energy efficiency and reliable, long-life operation.

In addition to its efficiency, it is rather reliable due to;

  • Magnetic bearings eliminate mechanical seals and wear surfaces for longer machine life.
  • The simplicity of a direct-drive motor and shaft eliminates gears, slide valves and extra parts to increase reliability.
  • VFD designed as an integrated component with the compressor and optimized by digital controls to reduce power consumption while maximizing chiller performance.
  • Reduced in-rush current by utilizing a VFD; a gradual soft start that lessens mechanical and thermal stresses leading to increased motor life.
  • On board digital controls to continuously monitor operating status and provide fault protections.
  • Oil-free design eliminates oil management systems for improved compressor and system reliability. The oil-free design also eliminates the possibility of efficiency-robbing oil contamination of heat-transfer surfaces.

The compact size of the magnetic chiller makes it ideal for retrofit and replacement installations. In addition, the space that would have been used for equipment can now be put to more productive use in the facility. Most models can easily fit through double width doors without any disassembly. Even the most challenging access projects can be accommodated using our factory disassembly option.

Because the Magnitude magnetic bearing chiller has fewer moving parts, requires no oil, nor oil-circulation equipment, it therefore requires less maintenance and service. With oil removed from the system, maintenance tasks such as oil samples, oil changes, oil filter changes, oil disposal and leaks from shaft seals are eliminated.

The results are reduced operational costs and maintenance savings each and every year! Over the life of the equipment – approximately 20 to 25 years – the total maintenance savings could be significant. Savings an owner would realize depend on maintenance practices, age and efficiency of other equipment, energy prices, etc.

Our Bottom Line for Your Bottom Line – Lowest total Cost of Ownership

We are working closely with buildings’ owner, analyse the building load profile and providing them the best and lowest total cost of ownership not only considering capital investment, but also operating cost and maintenance cost.

Building which operates long hours and building loads varies most of the time can expected payback within 2 to 3 years, and enjoy the net saving in operating and maintenance in the life-cycle of the chiller.