ASEAN Energy Manager Accreditation Scheme (AEMAS)

The AEMAS training course is one of the initiatives under human resource development programme to build capacity on energy management. This training course is recognised by Energy Commission to produce REEM. Energy managers are in demand due to the requirement of EMEER 2008 in which high electrical energy users need to engage energy managers to develop and monitor an Energy Efficiency management plan for the facility.

The AEMAS training aims to provide knowledge and skills to implement the Sustainable Energy Management System that complies to the requirements of ISO 50001 to all energy managers and produce certified energy mangers. To date, more than 1,300 CEMs have been certified under AEMAS.

Certified Professional in Measurement and Verification (CPMV)

CPMV is a training programme to certify practitioners on measurement and verification (M&V) competency skill.  M&V certification course aimed at endorsing end-users and energy service companies conducting measurement and verification activities for energy-saving programs. CPMV facilitate end users to develop proper M&V strategy for their Sustainable Management System (SEMS) and provide participants with knowledge and structured application of reporting energy savings. To date, 14 CPMV sessions has been conducted and 182 personnel certified M&V.

Participants undergoing the CPMV Exam at GreenTech Malaysia

Energy Auditor Training Course (EATC)

EATC provides the basic knowledge and skills required to perform energy checks, surveys and analyzes for energy conservation and to provide a structure to energy auditing practices and to raise professional standards for those involved in energy auditing. The training covers the use of energy audit tools and report writing skills. Trainee will be exposed to real-life examples of performing energy audit tasks, things to do and not to do and updated input from the industry.

Hands-On approach for more effective learning

General Awareness Programs

Awareness programs such as Have We Done Enough to Save Energy Bills? helps to explore essential elements of Energy Efficiency & Conservation in a typical business entity and the Basic Training Program for Energy and Water Management to assist organizations in managing energy and water utilization effectively.

All of these training programs are 100% Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) claimable under the Special Training Assistance Scheme (SBL-Khas). Under this scheme, financial assistance in the form of training grants may be considered for all types of training programs tailored to the needs of employers registered with HRDF. These programs are also endorsed by Energy Commission for the Continuous Development Program (CDP) for Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM).

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Written by:
Kiranjeet Kaur