The Green Technology Master Plan (GTMP) is fundamentally an outcome of the Eleventh Malaysia Plan (2016-2020) which has earmarked green growth as game changer altering the trajectory of the nation’s growth.  The GTMP creates a framework which facilitates the mainstreaming of green technology into the planned developments of Malaysia while encompassing the four pillars set in the National Green Technology Policy (NGTP) i.e. energy, environment, economy and social. 

This first edition of the GTMP focuses on six key sectors, namely Energy, Manufacturing, Transportation, Building, Waste and Water and attempts to harmonise the policy directions of each sector towards a common goal of sustainable utilisation of natural resources. The green technology goals established for each of these sectors will be progressively realised and fine-tuned in the policies and actions developed in every 5-year National Development Plan period.

Since 2009, several initiatives have shown that green technology could be instrumental in decoupling economic growth from natural capital depletion. This is reflected in the contribution to GDP made by the adoption and use of green technology-based practices, systems and products The successful implementation of the GTMP will require strategic directions that are practicable and achievable. One of the strategic directions is progress on the master plan on human capital that is capable of the diligent pursuit of innovation and excellence, and this is reflected in the prominence of human capital development in each of the key sectors.

This would include exploring new delivery systems of learning and skills training, where engaging instructors and delivering materials can shift beyond classrooms and timetables, where learning becomes on-demand.

Human Capital Development aims to increase the national capability and capacity for innovation in GT development and enhance Malaysia’s competitiveness in the global arena.

Kamaradzaman Mohd Bakri, Head of Green Catalyst, MGTC

There have been consistent efforts in strengthening the competencies and skillsets through the introduction of sector-specific trainings and informal approaches such as industry dialogues.

In line with RMK-11, the Government’s efforts in human capital development focuses on 3 key areas, covering the existing workforce in the public and private sector and the future workforce in the education system. With this regards, GreenTech Malaysia is actively involved in providing training / capacity building for the public sector, private sector and collaboration with higher education institutions.

In the next article, we will take a look at the Energy Management training programs provided by GreenTech Malaysia.

Written by:
Kiranjeet Kaur