14 Oct 2019

LCCF.MY is Malaysia’s first information portal dedicated towards low carbon cities.

From the design of our cities to the daily products that we use, there is an opportunity to lead a life that is more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Across the world, the impacts of climate change is being felt and Malaysia is no exception. Our weather events will become more severe and it is already having a negative impact on our way of life. Longer droughts, heavier rainfall and reduced crop yields are just some of the challenges that we face today.

Simply put, we are putting carbon dioxide and other green house gasses into the atmosphere more than what the natural system of the earth can sustain. This is causing a warming of the atmosphere which leads to higher moisture content in the air and this results in climate change.

The strategies that we need to adopt as a Nation include significantly reducing our carbon emissions (mitigation) as well as finding ways to reduce the negative impacts of what we are already facing now (adaptation). It will require every Malaysian from the Government to the Private Sector and from Academia to the Industries to work together to ensure a sustainable future for Malaysia.




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