Grenohware is a green technology specializing in eco-friendly and compostable tableware. We design, manufacture and supply 100% compostable tableware such as drinking straw “PalmStraw”, cutlery, chopsticks and coffee stirrer from no value agricultural waste (oil palm fronds).

400 million tonnes of plastic being produced worldwide annually and 8 million tonnes of them ended up in the ocean which will endanger the marine life every year. Malaysia is 8th in the world with 1 million tonnes of mismanaged plastic wastes every year with 50% of them are single-use plastic tableware. Therefore, we want to tackle plastic wastes pollution for us and our generation by replace current commercial single-use plastic tableware.

The Malaysia oil palm industry produce about 80 million tonnes of oil palm biomass annually where 60% of them are oil palm fronds which is left in the plantation field as soil amendment. The oil palm biomass are expected to reach 100 million tonnes by 2020. Besides, oil palm fronds are abundant and ready for us anytime anywhere in Malaysia whereas plastic is made from non-renewable fossil fuel,  bamboo need 6 year to grow, wood needed 8-20 year and bio-plastic are made from food source. We have managed to develop the patent pending processing method to produce oil palm fronds into 100% compostable tableware without adding any toxic chemical.

Grenohware initiative aim is to reduce CO2 emission and plastic usage by get rid of single use plastic tableware. Our products can reduce up to 90% of CO2 emission, 70% water consumption and 30% electric consumption through our processing method. Our products will be decomposed within few months as fertiliser for plant. For social impact, Grenohware will also create entrepreneurship opportunities in rural area especially for women and improve the income for oil palm smallholder by utilise the oil palm fronds to make our products.